About Us

We are first generation social entrepreneurs dedicated to the development sector for generation of livelihood through our e-commerce platform enabling marketplace to ventures or businesses which did not have opportunities or access to markets under our banner ‘Swadeshi India Mart’ (hereinafter referred to as ‘SIM’ or ‘We’). 

We are not grocers, we have never been! We are enablers! 

SIM, came into existence during COVID-19 pandemic, where the founders of the firm observed drastic impact on marginal & vulnerable groups such as laborers, local manufacturers and businesses, in terms of immense financial distress. The founders of SIM came together to understand what can be done to boost the economy and support the marginalized and vulnerable groups and developed an integrated organizational set up under the banner ‘Swadeshi India Mart’, with a non-profit organization to support the vision of ‘Social Inclusion, Growth & Upliftment’. 

We operate on B2C-B2B hybrid model, where we provide platforms for manufacturers, sellers and local market players under the banner of Swadeshi India Mart. We provide market linkages – supporting ‘Swadeshi Products’, home grown businesses so that such businesses have a wider reach. We have well established quality control and assurance processes with inward dependencies, to ensure the end customer receives quality product appreciating ‘Worth of Money spent’. 

We are Swadeshi India Mart, we support swadeshi products.

Why Us

During the pandemic, we and our families felt stranded in terms of grocery and related items being un-sanitized and delivered, exposing our mothers and homemakers to COVID-19 and other infections. We came up with the idea to provide sanitized and disinfected groceries and other items, respectively, to safeguard ours and your households! 

We want you to stay in,  We want you to stay safe, and we Deliver!



Enablers for businesses by providing necessary resources for development.



Global Platform

With technology, we provide a global platform for local homegrown businesses.


Collective Approach

Taking everyone together with a common vision of a sustainable and bright future.