Grievance Management

Grievances Redressal Mechanism

Policy # SIM-01-02-2020. Rev 00

‘Swadeshi India Mart’ (hereinafter referred to as ‘SIM’, or ‘Firm’’) strongly believes in stakeholder engagement and value its stakeholder’s opinion. We strongly believe that grievances mechanism provide a way to reduce/minimize risk exposure for the firm, offering stakeholders an effective avenue for expressing concerns and achieving remedies, promoting mutual constructive relationship.

As part of our continued support to our valued customers, clients and other stakeholders, we have developed and implemented a comprehensive grievance redressal system to address any suggestions, comments or feedback as and when received by our grievances committee. Our Grievances Management Committee (GMC). comprises of Grievances Offices and Appellate Authority. The details pertaining to the respective officers and their contact details are provided below -


  Grievances Management Committee (GMC)

  Grievances Officer

  Mr. K Kaushal

  Contact Details

 T- +91- 8588-836-222

  Appellate Grievances Authority

  Grievances Management Team

  T- +91-129-4179409


Procedure for grievances redressal

1. This procedure applies to all sort of grievances from various stakeholders which broadly includes customers, vendors, suppliers, contractors, communities in which we operate, etc.

2. Grievances as received by the firm will be treated as confidential by the GMC including its content and details pertaining to the aggrieved party. Firm will ensure all measures are taken and implemented to ensure the identity of the aggrieved party, are concealed.

3. GMC addresses all types of grievances including formal or informal complaints including anonymous complaints and the ones received by the firm telephonically, in a time bound manner.

4. Any grievance received by the firm will be handled by the Grievances Officer (GO), who will send the confirmation of receipt of the said grievance to the aggrieved party within 48 hours of receipt of such grievance(s). The GO will review the complaint and will review the complaint and its validity from the respective department within the firm.

5. On investigation, the GO will respond to the aggrieved party with the response and remedy within 15 days of receipt of the complaint.

6. In case the complainant does not find the response suitable or apt and is still unsatisfied, the complainant can again reach out to the GRC Appellate Grievances Authority with the concerns.

7. The Appellate Authority, comprising of departmental heads, and partner of the firm will review the complaint, the solution provided, alongwith remedy recommended within 15 days of receipt of such complaint.

8. Investigation will be undertaken by the Appellate Authority and the result of such investigation with response to the complaint will be submitted to the aggrieved party. The decision taken by the Appellate Authority will be final.

9. Any concerns of the aggrieved party, on receipt of the decision submitted by the appellate authority, can again be submitted to the Appellate Authority. Investigation and evaluation of such grievances will be handled by the Managing Partner of the company. The decision taken by the Managing Partner will be full and final and will be binding in nature.