Shipping Policy

Shipping & Delivery Policy

Policy # SIM-01-06-20. Rev 00

Delivery Timelines:

Delivery & Shipping Policy 
Policy # SIM-01-06-20. Rev 00
Delivery Timelines: 
We will make every effort to get your order delivered to you as per your convenient/ chosen available slot.
1.    i. The products ordered by You shall be available for delivery as per allotted delivery slot during the delivery hours, namely, 08:30 hours to 22:00 hours on all days. If you fail to take delivery on the agreed slot as mentioned in (a) above, your order and delivery thereof shall be treated as cancelled.
2.    ii. At the time of taking delivery of the products, You shall quote the PIN No. at the Delivery Point.
3.    iii. The person at the Delivery Point authorized to deliver the product may decline to deliver the product if he finds any inconsistency as regards Order No. / PIN No or any other detail of the order
4.    iv. Subject to availability of the ordered product at the Delivery Point on the delivery day, Swadeshi India Mart shall deliver the product to You as per schedule, failing which Swadeshi India Mart shall inform You with a revised schedule for delivery of the Product. You may ask for cancellation/modification of Order on account of this.
5.    v. It is your responsibility to count and check all the products while accepting the Products as per your Order. No dispute will be entertained by Swadeshi India Mart once you accept the products at the Delivery Point.
6.    vi. You shall accept the product without demur in the following circumstances:
7.    a. If the products delivered to you are in accordance with your order, or
8.    b. Loose Fruits and Vegetables with minor weight variation due to moisture loss
We request you to check all the Products at the time of delivery. Complaint pertaining to short weight will not be entertained, if the complaint is not lodged immediately on delivery.
Shipping Charges
Delivery charge of Rs. 29/- will be leviable for each delivery under the order of 299/-. However Swadeshi India Mart may run certain promotions / offers or prescribe minimum order value for each transaction to waive the delivery charges.
Order Tracking
Once your order has been dispatched from our delivery point, an email or an SMS will be sent to you on the email address and mobile number provided by you under "Billing Address" and Order placed with Us. You can track your order online by the ID Tracking number sent to you by us on your Mobile/Email ID.
You may also log on to your account on the website and application or use the "Track my Order" link on the website and application to track your order.
Sometimes we may not be in a position to deliver an order to a particular location due to the nature of the product, its availability or due to the service limitations of our courier and logistic partners. In such cases, you may receive the items (of a single order) at different points of time or through different courier partners. The status of all items within an order can be tracked online.